22 August 2010


Air NZ's backing of New Zealand's national game, rugby, has been in the media recently with a revamped passenger safety briefing being broadcast on their 737-300 and A320 fleet of aircraft.

Back in 1999 Air New Zealand applied decals to three aircraft in their fleet to show support for the All Blacks participating in the Rugby World Cup staged in Wales from 1 October through until 6 November of that year.

Boeing 747-400 ZK-NBW was repainted with a striking black tail and featured a decal of the All Blacks front row of Carl Hoeft, Anton Oliver and Kees Meuws.

Departing from Auckland 13 October 1999, Mike Condon photos

Boeing 737-200QC ZK-NQC carried a decal featuring then All Blacks Captain Taine Randell.

ZK-NQC is seen here at Auckland on 04 December 1999, not long before the decal we removed after the All Blacks defeat playing against France in the semi-final a month earlier.

Saab 340A ZK-NSK, operated by Air Nelson, wore the same decal as Boeing 747-400 ZK-NBW however retained the teal tail.

Taxiing at Wellington 15Oct99, S Lowe photo

Considering New Zealand is hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2011, I wonder what special scheme/s we might see during that period!

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  1. Great selection of pics Mike, thanx for sharing. Surely something is lined up for 2011 aye?