31 August 2010

Holiday Plane Spotting 2

Today.... Tauranga, Whakatane, Gisborne...

Not a third level airline but perhaps a future third level airline pilot... Seneca ZK-TWN at Tauranga, 31 August 2010. Photo : S Lowe
Sunair's Aztec ZK-DGS arrived at Taurnaga on the 31st of August from the east before heading off to Hamilton. It caught up with me at Gisborne. Photo : S Lowe
Skylink Aviation's Beech Super King Air at Whakatane on 31 August 2010. Photo : S Lowe
Air Napier's Navajo which carries courier freight for NZ Couriers and NZ Post as well as passengers between Gisborne, Wairoa and Napier as well as flying courier flights to Paraparaumu. NPR at Gisborne on 31 August 2010. Photo S Lowe
A real surprise was Sunair's Cessna 172 (parked too close to the fence) at Gisborne on 31 August 2010. Is this used on scheduled flights from Gisborne or just moving pilots? Photo : S Lowe
An odd photo but trying to get everything in of this photo of 3rd level heaven... Eagle's Beech EAI, Sunair's 172 DHN, Sunair's Aztecs PIX, TDM, MTY and ERM (behind the Navajo) and Air Napier's Navajo NPR. The proof this is not heaven - Sunair have taken to putting covers over their Aztecs :-(  Photo: S Lowe

Tomorrow to Wairoa where I want to trawl the local paper about air services to Wairoa.

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  1. sunair operate 172s zk-dhn and zk-dkk around gisborne. i've seen them take passengers.