29 October 2013

25 Years Ago - October 1988

Over the month of October 1988 there were a few aircraft of interest at Timaru, Christchurch and Hokitika... but at the same time I had a few camera issues with a fuzzy white spot ruining what would have been good photos...

Cessna 180s ZK-BJB and ZK-CGJ both taken at Timaru in October 1988 

Piper Pa18 Cub at Hokitika in October 1988
Above, Cavalier SA.102.5 at Timaru on a Sunday day while below Cessna 421 Golden Eagle ZK-KBF was at Hokitika on a murky day

The worst two with the white fuzz, above, the Helicopter Line's Cessna 182 ZK-DNZ and below Piper PA28 Cherokee 140 ZK-CUE both taken at Timaru in October 1988

Above, Cessna 172 ZK-DWO and below Aspiring Air's Cessna 206 ZK-DXZ at Christchurch on 22 October 1988

Also on 22 October 1988 Eagle Air's first Bandeirante ZK-ERU was in Christchurch
The 23rd of October 1988 was a better day to capture Hughes 500C ZK-HVO above and Garden City Helicopter's Bell Jetranger ZK-HYF at Christchurch

Also out at Christchurch on the 23rd was the Airline Flying Club's Cessna 150 ZK-CSW
And finally, a classic, Peter Garden Helicopters' Hiller UH-12 ZK-HDM at Timaru on 26 October 1988

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