31 October 2013

Take Over

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Eagle Air taking over Air New Zealand's air services to Kaitaia and Whangarei and some services in to Gisborne and Tauranga. In the South Island Air Nelson took over services to Hokitika and Westport and some services to Nelson and Timaru.
The first service Air Nelson air service to Hokitika was operated by Associated Air's Cessna 402 ZK-DSB which also operated the Air Nelson service to Timaru.
Air Nelson's first flight to Timaru was operated by Associated Air's Cessna 402 ZK-DSB seen here at Timaru on the first flight on 31 October 1988.
With the new Metroliners not ready for service a variety of aircraft were used on services to Hokitika during the month of November...
Air Nelson
ZK-JGA, Piper Navajo
ZK-NSP, Piper Chieftain
Air New Zealand
ZK-BXE, ZK-BXF, ZK-NAO, ZK-NFD, ZK-NFE, Fokker Friendship
Air Safaris
ZK-NMD and ZK-NME, GAF N24 Nomad
ZK-KPL, Piper Navajo
Associated Air
ZK-DSB and ZK-KAN, Cessna 402
ZK-ETM, Cessna 310
Capital Air
ZK-WLG, Cessna 421 Golden Eagle
Pacifica Air
ZK-FQW, Piper Chieftain

The Metroliner took over all Hokitika services from 30 November 1988. Meanwhile in Timaru a variety of aircraft were used as well, including a Canterbury Aero Club Piper Archer. The one passenger was not at all pleased.

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  1. Oh boy, am I that old to remember the day?? What a shambles the start of these operations were. The Hokitika run was indeed a hotch-potch of aircraft arriving way outside the so called scheduled times. They were lucky it was a fine day at least!
    I wonder how long before some of the provinces return to pre October 30 1988 days with just one or two "large" aircraft flights per day?