21 October 2013

Register of NZ Air Incidents and Accidents

Can you help???

I am researching a future post but I am wondering if there is a site (or someone might have a file) that lists NZ air incidents and accidents. I am looking in particular for the 1950s...

The incident I am looking for is of a Bristol Freighter getting bogged at Oamaru aerodrome. The book 'Safe in the Skies' talks about the Bristol Freighter service to Oamaru... It says "The service was continued until August 1954, when it was cancelled because of weight limitations at Oamaru. This followed an incident earlier in the month when a Freighter became bogged there." I have waded through the Oamaru Mail and can't find any record of this... I am wondering is the date correct???

If you can help can you flick me an email at westland831@gmail.com

Cheers, Steve

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