10 October 2013

Tauranga upsizes

More people will be able to fly from Tauranga to Auckland next year with the addition of a 68-seat ATR-72 aircraft to the airport’s manifest. Air New Zealand has confirmed the ATR-72 will fly the evening weekday flight between Tauranga and Auckland in place of the 50-seat Q300, from February 2014. Air New Zealand is also going to replace some 19-seat weekend flights with 50-seaters from next year. Tauranga Airport manager Ray Dumble says the announcement is good news. “The airport is continuing to grow and flights are getting fuller all the time and reaching capacity.” He says it’s something the city needs. “Obviously there is more turnover passenger wise, more flight numbers and more carpark turnover. “We are in constant dialogue with Air New Zealand. They are running a business and monitoring their flight loads and demands.” ATR’s are currently only used for flights on Friday nights.

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