15 July 2021

A little puzzler...

This is the cover of the latest issue of the Barrier Bulletin, a great community newspaper which helped me research so many of the earlier operators of air services to Great Barrier Island...

Nice to see a piece of 3rd Level New Zealand on the front page... but it got me thinking and that is the puzzler. 

Without researching on the blog, what airlines can you think of have operated BN Islanders to Great Barrier Island???  Place a comment on the blog, and remember no cheating! 

I think you will surprised just how many operators have used them to Great Barrier! I'd love to be able to get photos of some of those operators.


  1. That was one operator I thought people would miss... http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2011/07/mount-cook-airlines-amphibian-service.html

  2. Another one out of left field...
    About 7 to go I think!