25 July 2021

Sad Sight #1

Thanks to Richard Currie for this sad photo of ex Fly My Sky BN Islander ZK-PIY. Richard writes, PIY tucked into a corner outside Fieldair’s hangar at AKL this morning,  minus an engine… EVO & PIZ still parked on the grass at Dennis Thompson Ardmore today,  don’t know where SFK is hiding..

I wonder where they will end of going

BN Islander ZK-PIY at Auckland on 25 July 2021

 Thanks again Richard... I'm always looking for content to keep the interest up on the blog.


  1. What's Going to Happen to BN Islander ZK-PIY

  2. SFK is down the back of the hangar I think, not visible unless your on the apron or on the taxiway

  3. EVO will be heading to the top of the south island