28 July 2021

Sunair Expansion?


Interesting little piece on the Sunair Facebook page...

Great things are coming to Sunair in the form of a new flight schedule. Keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of weeks for this. HINT: There might be a new destination being added soon...🤫

Any thoughts of where???


  1. Replies
    1. MRO, no chance.

      NPE, I think you could be right. It's a destination Sunair are familiar with. I certainly wouldnt be surprised to NPE back on the Sunair schedule

  2. Scott Lockhart... can you email at westland831@gmail.com Thanks Steve

  3. They used to do TRG-NPE years ago I belive or HLZ-NPE so hopefully they come back here i wouldn't mind OG coming back to

  4. Not only did SAV’s freighter (FHO before it was written off) often drop in, they had a dedicated machine based there (usually DIR or DGS). Doing the old Direct Air runs in an old Direct Air truck.