10 July 2021

Chatham Island Ops


Thanks to Harry for this great peek at Air Chathams' ops at Tuuta Airport at the Chathams yesterday, 9 July 2021...

The morning flights preparing for departure... Cessna 206 ZK-KMH preparing to depart for Pitt Island and Convair 580 ZK-CIB preparing to depart for Wellington

Look at that windsock... I bet it was cold

A zoomed in look at Cessna 206 ZK-KMH which has replaced ZK-KAI on the Pitt Island service


  1. What has happened to ZK-KAI? I have over 500hrs in that aircraft between those islands. I hope it didn’t meet a similar fate to some of its predecessors……..

    1. Supposedly it’s still registered to them as an active aircraft unlike the mothballed Convairs. It would be unfortunate however if it were to end up in bits with the 337s on the island. I can’t express how badly I want to see another airline operated Skymaster in NZ.

  2. https://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2021/02/new-cessna-206-for-air-chathams.html