02 July 2021

Where did they go???

In the NZ Aviation Group Facebook page yesterday Don Colway posed the question,  Just wondering what happened to the Eagle/Air NZ Beech 1900D's after they were taken out of service....were they scrapped or sold  overseas???

Eagle Air Beech 1900D ZK-EAA taxis to the terminal at Hokitika on 5 July 2010.

This is what I found doing a little research last night...

ZK-EAA now VT-DNF in India with Air Deccan

ZK-EAB now C-GPCE in Canada with Pacific Coastal Airlines

ZK-EAC now 4608 with the Myanmar Air Force

ZK-EAD now ZS-JAY in South Africa with Awesome Flight Services

ZK-EAE now ZS-ZBJ in South Africa 

ZK-EAF now 5X-RHB in Uganda 

ZK-EAG was C-GMNC in Canada but has been sold in Nigeria

ZK-EAH now C-GMFU in Canada as Pacific Coastal Airlines

ZK-EAI now ZS-EAI in South Africa with King Air Services

ZK-EAJ now 4607 with the Myanmar Air Force

ZK-EAK now ZS-EAK in South Africa

ZK-EAL now ZS-EAA in South Africa

ZK-EAM now 5X-KEH in Uganda

ZK-EAN now ZS-IBJ in South Africa

ZK-EAO now ZS-EAO in South Africa with Air-Tec Aviation Services

ZK-EAP now 8R-GHU in Guyana with Trans Guyana Airways

ZK-EAQ now 8R-GAQ in Guyana with Trans Guyana Airways

ZK-EAR now 8R-EAR in Guyana with Trans Guyana Airways

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  1. Such awesome little aircraft. Fond childhood memories of the 1900D's and Metroliners out of Gizzy!