22 July 2021

Fourth Caravan for Barrier Air

Barrier Air have announced their fourth ‘Cessna Grand Caravan’ is incoming to their base at Auckland Airport next month in time for the busy season!!!! The post on the company's Facebook page says, "We can’t show a full photo yet until we get our livery and logos on it but here is a snippet of what the interior looks like!  (see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/greatbarrierairlines/). This super low time aircraft is immaculate and only has 1800 hours on it and is identical to our other three aircraft! The Cessna Grand Caravan has been the making of Barrier Air. These Jet turbine Aircraft with 14 seats are perfect for what we do! 

The airline also has a great competition going on... 

Any guesses on what the new rego is going to be? 

Here is a clue:  SDB (Bravo) SDC (Charlie) SDD (Delta) are the regos of our exisiting fleet! Next comes...SD_?

Put your answer in the comments of this post and make sure you like our page and be into win your choice of two return seats to Great Barrier Island, Kaitaia or Whitianga!*

*Completion closes Monday 26th July at 1800. 

To enter you need to go to their Facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/greatbarrierairlines/

The airline has started advertising its new Whitianga service in the Mercury Bay Informer

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