21 July 2021

Airvans at Milford...

Thanks to our southern flyer who caught four Gippsland Airvans from four different operators at Milford Sound on 11 July 2021. The photos have convinced me that I need to do a day's plane spotting at Milford again!

Glenorchy Air's ZK-JRR

Milford Sounds Flights' ZK-MCZ

Southern Alp Air's ZK-MLF

True South's ZK-SLW


  1. Only been to Milford Sounds and absolutely loved the day. Do need to get back there as Scenery is so photogenic for aircraft

    1. I went there once and the airport was empty so you have to time it just right to see aircraft.

    2. I went there one day and spent the whole day there... Caught pretty much all the light aircraft fleets

    3. If that's the case, guess I just got lucky as only spent half an hour actually at the airfield and was heaps of movements! This was back in 2017