01 January 2015

A new airline for a new year

Fact 1 - Looking for pilots to fly a Piper Navajo

CHIEF PILOT/TRAINING MANAGER FOR NEW OPERATOR Pilots required for new scheduled service based from Auckland.  Must have experience in Air Operations who are type rated on the PA-31 Navajo.  Details of salary will be provided at the interview.  Please post or email your CV to:  PO BOX 6161, Brookfield, Tauranga.  E:  enquiries.asms@gmail.com

Fact 2 - Navajo ZK-JGA was registered to Newmans Air Limited in December 

Piper PA-31 Navajo ZK-JGA (c/n 31-7612102) was registered to Newmans Air Limited, P O Box 301853, ALBANY Auckland on 11 December 2014

The company has one director, Peter Joseph Newman

I wonder if the two facts are related...

I guess it will be a matter of wait and see


  1. Speaking to the mayor of Taupo who often walks the beat... He said that they have all but secured a operator (local) to operate the Wellington to Taupo flight.. he also said that they (the operator and TDC) are looking at skipping the Wellington flights all together and start operations to Christchurch as they believe its more in tune with tourism links to the south island and Queenstown etc.
    They will be using a 29 seater aircraft..??? any idea what aircraft type that would be...? what 29-30 seater aircraft are currently aval in NZ/aus

    1. Interesting. .maybe Izard/Funnell venture. Ex vinnies saab 340 at 34 seats going for tender.other than that I wouldn't rule out something being ferried out from the likes of US if the price is right

    2. It is very interesting and exciting news indeed. Just hope it A) works and B) they come up with a nice original and modern livery!!
      Not being exactly a aviation enthusiast himself.. might have got the 29 seat thing mixed up.. The only thing that I could think of that comes close to 29 seat was, as you mentioned.. the Saab 340 of vincent. Unless... Is there any aircraft that is exactly "29" seats..?
      At around 1400 meters I cant imagine Taupo being load restricted either... Since airports with short runways of the likes of Whangarei's which is just over 1000 and are operating the Q300...
      Think that direct to Christchurch skipping Wellington is a bit too extreme and a risk... Air NZ has good 0645-2000 loads from Taupo!! Everyone I speak to and who's flown it or those who are friends of business people who commute to Wellington says its been close to full... Makes me think that the only reason for the full stop in April is down to lack of Q300...?
      Maybe a return 645-2000 flight to Wellington like the current Air NZ flights and have the return aircraft do a late morning flight to Christchurch which would connect with either the 1125-1400 Queenstown flight..?

    3. The Jetstream 41 seats 29. Perhaps Kiwi Regional will fly the route if it starts operations in 2015-16, as its promotional shots (https://www.facebook.com/kiwiRegionalairlines?fref=ts) suggests it may operate the J41?

    4. Cheers Steve... I hunted for anything on Kiwi Regional the other day but missed this!

  2. Often thought a TUO-WAG-CHC service with a connecting WAG-WLG might be viable.

  3. Given the length, but more so the altitude of AP then you will almost certainly be restricted in MCTOW. This is certainly a fact if the machine is a 340. You need long legs to operate AP - CH.