29 January 2015

In the Inbox #2 - Repaint Continues

Another from my email inbox...

Hi there my name is Matthew Gibson and while I was waiting for My flight arrive. I noticed that Air New Zealand has painted up a new Dash 8. This photo was Taken at Hawkes Bay airport and you're welcome to stick it up on your blog letting everyone know about it. The rego is ZK-NES 

Newly repainted Q300 ZK-NES at Napier on 27 January 2015 with rain water on the ground! We need some over here...
On the repaint programme Air Nelson's Q300s ZK-NEP/Q/R/S are in the new livery and ZK-NET is due back in service on 29 January in new livery
Cheers for the photo Matthew


  1. The Dash 8 actually looks really nice in the new repaint. Good job Matthew :)

  2. NEP/Q/R/S/T all in new colours now. ATR MVA now in paint shop having All Black livery removed - go figure!!

  3. Hopefully they're just replacing the fern on MVA and leaving the fuse black a la NZE

    1. Would be nice if it looks Like the 787-9 ZK-NZE