12 January 2015

The Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School Yesterday

The annual Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School at Matamata attracts a variety of aircraft from all over New Zealand offering budding young pilots aged 16-19 to take to the skies. As well as the training aircraft instructors fly in their own aircraft and others visit. On 11 January 2015 I caught up with a number of aircraft!

Cessna 152 ZK-BUD from Whenuapai
Piper Tomahawk ZK-COP from Ohakea
Champion Citabria ZK-CRH
Cessna 185 ZK-DOC 
Cessna 172 ZK-DXM
Piper Tomahawk ZK-EVD from Ardmore
Cessna 152 ZK-FCQ from Fielding
Piper Tomahawk ZK-LAD from Whenuapai
Piper Tomahawk ZK-MBZ also from Whenuapai
Cessna 152 ZK-NAG from Motueka
Cessna 152 ZK-NPL from Tauranga 
And yet another Piper Tomahawk from Whenuapai, ZK-PAF
Cessna 180 ZK-SLM was down from Ardmore
as was Cessna 172 ZK-TAQ
Piper Tomahawk ZK-TAW from Wellington
Piper Warrior ZK-TGF 
Cessna 152 ZK-TUT from Motueka
and finally Cessna 152 ZK-ZGR


  1. Hi Steve best wish,s for this year. Thanks for the memory jog. ah Waharoa. Not been back there for some time . Wonderfull to see the Walsh is still a regular yearly event ,and that so many people are still giving their time freely to help young people get into the air .

  2. Don't forget the Air Training Corps doing the same thing at Woodbourne at moment. Cant get you photos though!

  3. ZK CRH .nice photo is it on line. or a private visiter to the event ?

    1. I think it belongs to one of the instructors...

    2. I believe it is Carlton Campbells Citabria

  4. Hi Steve, thanks for the post. As it turns out, I have flown EVD, TAW and TAQ in the past. Also, NPL was parked up at Wellington Aero Club for many months being refurbed. It was never online with us and was flown out for the Walsh.