31 January 2015

Vincent Saab Sold to Rex

There has been some suggestion and even speculation in the comments in this blog that a NZ operator may purchase of the ex-Vincent Aviation's Saabs...  Here is the news that one of them has been sold in Australia...

Regional Express (Rex) today announced that it has taken delivery of a Saab 340B aircraft at Townsville. The aircraft used to belong to Vincent Aviation before it went into administration. This brings the Rex Group fleet of Saab 340 aircraft to 52, with 40 of them fully paid for in cash and the rest on a short term mortgage. Rex's General Manager of Network Strategy and Sales Warrick Lodge said, “The aircraft is intended for deployment in Queensland where new opportunities have opened up with the collapse of Skytrans." "With the award of five Queensland Government regulated routes to Rex, we now service 23 towns and cities across the state. This provides us with the economies of scale to further service the more remote parts of Queensland like the Cape Peninsula, as well as respond to the solicitations of other cities that have been crying out for our great hospitable air services at affordable fares." "The past 30 months have seen passenger numbers declining due to the economy and the increased competition. Rex needs to respond to this challenge by finding growth in other areas. Queensland represents the perfect opportunity for us given its size, geography and absence of quality regional carriers." "Rex will continue to inject more aircraft into Queensland in tandem with new opportunities opening up in the state." Regional Express (Rex) is Australia’s largest independent regional airline operating a fleet of more than 40 Saab 340 aircraft on some 1,300 weekly flights to 52 destinations throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland. The Rex Group comprises Regional Express, air freight and charter operator Pel-Air Aviation and Dubbo- based regional airline Air Link, as well as the pilot academy Australian Airline  Pilot Academy.

Source : Regional Express Media Release


  1. Will this Saab be coming to New Zealand?

  2. "Here is the news that one of them has been sold in Australia..." (3rd line)

  3. I notice the http://kiwiregionalairlines.co.nz website now has a Saab 340 on the front page!