07 January 2015

Swim for Sky Diving Plane

Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-SDT has reportedly crashed into Lake Taupo with no injuries.

Taupo harbourmaster Philip King said the plane sank in 3.5m of water. "It was the pink skydiving plane from the airport," King said. "The skydivers had already jumped. "The pilot ejected later and ended up in the blackberry," he said

The full report can be found here : http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/64724765/plane-crashes-into-lake-taupo


  1. Seeing that plane almost every day here in taupo it was, like the old red float plane was a bit of an icon in taupo. . A long with being pink, the rego SDT brought some tongue and check humor if you swap the d and t around. .!!
    Anyway looks like the old aussie shela "the normad" will be having her red inserts removed and be a regular down the runway and at 12000 ft

  2. The pilot ejected??

  3. The pilot ejected .??