02 January 2015

Don't Mess with Air New Zealand

I missed this from the NZ Herald article quoted in the previous post...

Asked whether Air New Zealand would allow another operator to offer an Auckland-Taupo service with more convenient timing, general manager networks Richard Thomson said no. "They would be in direct competition with Air New Zealand at the same time." Mr Wallace said Air New Zealand would be legally obliged to compete with any operator offering the same route.

This is the same attitude that NAC had in regards to regional airlines!

The reality is NAC couldn't provide good business connections between the smaller provincial centres and the main centres with Friendships!

25 years on Air NZ can't do it with Q300s! And they are not going to allow anyone to do it better!


  1. Same old same from air nz. They don't want to operate these routes and yet they will crush anyone else who will give it a go. I just hope the public gets behind the little guy and supports them....because as soon as the little guy is gone air nz will shaft everyone again. Just my 0.20

  2. Local government and local people also share a responsibility for the success or failure of regional start ups.
    History tells us they can start with a hiss and a roar and the public CHOOSES not to support them.
    NZders love being part of the tall poppy syndrome.

    People don't understand the logistics and just how much capital, infrastructure would be required to operate Q300 flights at the very peak business times into marginal markets.
    A) AKL airport currently has restricted number of gates at peak times
    B) There are 23 Q300 aircraft all fully utilised at peak times, any additional peak time flights mean additional capital being spent, around $20 million + in purchasing second hand Q300, then to be non utilised for the off peak part of the day.
    C) Currently, growth is timed at the rate ATR can produce new 72 for Air NZ Link, as new ATR arrive, Q300 replace B1900 on the marginal sectors in an attempt to stimulate demand and lower provincial fares. This will take some time.
    D) Upgrades by AKL Airport Ltd are slow in eventuating...dont hold breath

  3. Whos thinking of a 50 seat airliner ?
    The B1900 were the last off the production line, so it seems bizarre that they would have been put into service 12 or 13 years ago, if they were losing money back then.
    I think the real problem is that there is no replacement for the B1900 in production.
    Maybe a 30 seater like the previous Saabs aor something like the Dornier 328