29 January 2015

In the Inbox #1 - Kiwi now in Aussie

Dylan wrote in a couple of days ago...

Hi, I am a keen follower of your blog and it keeps me in touch with NZ GA, so thankyou!

I fly in Darwin where we had aircraft VH - NJS, and today I happened to see the aircraft's logbooks which included New Zealand logbook! I was quite surprised and your photo is the ONLY photo I can find online


I've attached photos of the aircraft taken last year some 26 years later!!

Since you also included the name of the owner on your website it's clear to see why it was registered NJS! (Although I believe that's common with aircraft ownership anyway).

If you took any Great Northern Air Race photos I'm looking forward to seeing them too.

Sorry Dylan... Didn't get to see this year's race. Thanks for the pics

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  1. Pics of the North Shore Air Race at Tauranga Spotters Blog.